Software Technology

PortalGrup is versed in many software technologies and platforms ranging from C# to PHP; from SQL to Oracle; from iOS to Android applications.

Its team of software engineers have implemented multitude of corporate projects using various software technologies built around sound architectural design and proven standarts.

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One of the rising stars of Web Content Management Systems, Sitecore has stood out amidst a very competitive landscape, as a robust, flexible and versatile CMS system which handles many aspects of a company's digital presence including digital marketing.

With a global and swiftly expanding presence; Sitecore was introduced into the Turkish market by PortalGrup in 2010.


Despite of being performed as a subitem of a Digital Marketing service; SEO/SEM services can also be applied as a standalone service for our customers who request a shortcut for promoting their online presence.

PortalGrup approaches any SEO/SEM service by analysing the target segments of its customer in line with its goals and then maps these segments presence on cyberspace and also conducts an analysis of all relevant search trends on major search engines.

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Technology Consultancy

As a representative of various software platforms, we are always on the lookout for innovative and unique technologies we can introduce to the Turkish market; either as an intermediary agent or a full fledged integrator.

Digital Marketing

The days of hanging beautiful posters on the web, called "websites", are over. A company failing to understand the dynamics behind today's everchanging cyberspace is bound to lag behind in the competition, if not fail completely.

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Portal Design and Management

PortalGrup approaches Portal Design and Management from a business perspective and starts by analysing the company's  strategy, competition, procedures and future plans; not just  its brand colors.

A "portal" should be the gateway for a company's interactions with the outside world. It should be a gateway of communication, interaction, marketing, sales and management between the outside world and inner one.


As a fully approved and certified Microsoft Gold Partner for Application Development, you can be guaranteed that we meet, exceed and deliver to the highest standards of Microsoft Technologies.


As one of Sitecore's longest certified partners we not only meet their exacting standards but bring a wealth of sectoral know-how in developing your Sitecore CMS website. Portalgrup has delivered more than 30 successful Sitecore projects in Turkey. 

Google Partner

As a Google Certified Partner, PortalGrup delivers services to the major conglomerates of  Turkey mostly based on performance, ensuring a win-win business relation. Contact us to share our experience and case studies that clearly demonstrate how we utilize search engine marketing channels to increase sales and profitability. 

As a Zimbra Partner, Portalgrup helps you expand your brand with a full suite of social applications and social networking tools that foster deeper business relationships through social media interaction. Zimbra Community enables corporates build strong employee networks, enhance customer support, and brand loyalty.
Event Mobi

EventMobi makes event technology simple. From branding to tracks to abstracts, EventMobi’s Content Manager gives you the control you need to customize and update your app on the fly. With our support, you’ll be amazed at the flexibility our app empowers you with to organise and manage your events.


Agnitio didn’t just dream of a fully responsive communication for the life science industry but went ahead and built it. Designed from the ground up, Rainmaker is the promise of CLM fulfilled.